Thursday, July 1, 2010

Calgary Gojukai Archives - 2010

NKA National Black Belt Competition
The NKA National Black Belt Competition were held in March in Toronto, On. Please congratulate Takase Sensei on placing in the top 8 in Men's kata. It was his first try at Canada's National level of competition and he did very well in a very competitive field. Great work preparing for the event, and a fantastic effort during the tourney! Great Job Sensei!

Calgary Gojukai Archives - July 2010

Black Belt Examinations, July 2010
Congratulations to Calgary Gojukai's newest black belt members! On July 3rd 2010, during the IKGA Canada Annual Seminar, Leonard Luetge, Radim Vesely and Nikhil Shah were successful in their examination to Shodan-ho. Their hard work and persistent training paid off and they can be proud of their achievement!

Calgary Gojukai Archives - May 15th 2010

Karate Alberta Competition - May 15th 2010
Congratulations to all members that participated in the Karate Alberta competition on Saturday, May 15th. Everyone did a fantastic job and represented Calgary Gojukai very well.
The following is a quick list of participants and their results:

  • Shinji Takase - Gold Black Belt Kumite, Silver Black Belt Kata
  • Len Luetge - Silver Men's Kumite
  • Roger Sanson - Gold Blue/Brown Kata, Gold Over 40 Kata, *** Blue/Brown Kumite, *** Over 40 Kumite
  • Sota Mori - Gold Kata, Bronze Kumite
  • Alex Doll - Bronze Kata, Bronze Kumite
  • Emilio Suarez - Silver Kata
  • Hannah Vesely - Gold Kata, Gold Kumite
  • Marco Suarez - Gold Kata, Bronze Kumite
  • Stephanie Gross - Gold Kata, Gold Kumite
  • Nicole Gross - Silver Kata, Silver Kumite

Great job everyone!