Sunday, August 30, 2015

Congratulations, and welcome back!

This past July, IKGA Canada held their Annual Camp. This year was hosted by Shima Dojo in Nanaimo, BC. It was a fantastic came, with over 120 participants. It was also one of the largest Dan exams that IKGA Canada has had the pleasure of conducting!

Congratulations go out to everyone that succeeded in achieving their new Dan rank, but most especially congratulations to Thomas Llewellyn Sensei, who was successful in achieving Sandan. This is a difficult test to pass, given that it is also an Instructor rank. Dan exams are not just a matter of passing a test on any given day, but also a chance to chart your progress as you practice Karate. It shows where your weak spots are as well as strengths, and by assessing them at examinations karate-ka now have the chance to be a bit more introspective. Past Sandan levels karate-ka are expected to start looking at fixing their own shortfalls a bit more, in addition to developing their teaching method to better assist Kohai even better in their practice.

September is upon us, and I want to welcome back all our returning students, as well as give a very warm welcome to all our new members starting in the new term. The first time starting practice is a lot of things - scary, exciting, fun. The key to being successful in your time in the Dojo is to listen carefully to instruction, do your best to copy the good things others are doing, and to practice what you learn on your own so that you can learn more the next time. And have fun!

Class starts Friday Sept 4th. I hope to see everyone there, ready to practice hard and learn as much as possible. Remember, in 2017 IKGA Canada hosts the IKGA World Championships. I hope that all our members will have the opportunity to try their luck against members from all over the world. Train hard, and I'll see you all in the Dojo!