Thursday, July 17, 2014

Periodic Training - Phase 1

It's a bit late out of the post, but with IKGA Canada's Annual Camp and the Calgary Stampede basically back to back it was a bit of a busy couple of weeks. For everyone following the recent development of an IKGA Canada performance training plan, we are working to get everyone's basic fitness level as well as overall karatedo performance level increased through cycled training.

For Calgary Gojukai members we have already successfully completed the first 4 Cycle Period consisting of Strength (Anatomic Adaptation), Speed/power, Technical refinement and Recovery/Preparation. July (now) is the start of the next Period. Hopefully everyone has been able to maintain some fitness training over the last couple of weeks. Whether you have or not, it's time to re-focus on the first Cycle - Strength. August will be Speed, and September, when we get back to the Dojo, will be Technical Refinement. All you will need is a small patch of floor twice/week and a timer. Do it on your own or with a friend. If you stick to the time this should take exactly 15 minutes. And with that, here's the first workout! (Remember to be strict with your time...)

Cycle 1 - Strength

Warmup - 4 mins
*A and B - 30 seconds each, no rest between A and B
*30 seconds rest after each A and B set
A) Shiko Dachi - left-right shuffle
B) Basic Squats

A) High knees
B) Step back squats

A) High knees
B) Basic Push-ups

Rest 1 minute

Workout - 6 mins
* A, B, C - 30 secs each, 4 sets, 1 min rest AFTER all 4 sets complete
A) Squats
B) Plank-walk push-ups
C) Squat jumps

Core - 3 mins
* A and B - 30 secs each, 3 sets, Rest AFTER all 3 sets complete
A) Mountain Climbers
B) Bicycles

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Dan examination results - IKGA Annual Camp 2014

A very big congratulations to David Filleul for passing his examination to Nidan-ho and Jun-Shidoin at the recent IKGA Canada Annual Camp. Dave Sensei did a  great job and can be proud of this achievement. All the hard work that went in to preparation for his test paid off! Now it's time to set some new goals and keep on training! 
Great work Sensei!

Monday, June 30, 2014

Periodic training cycle - July

The spring term has finished, and we are ready to start our summer break. Some of our members will be attending the IKGA Canada Summer Camp in Edmonton, but for most that will be the last bit of Karate until we start again in September.

In the Spring term we started a cycled training program to improve our members' overall athletic capacity. For everyone that has kept up their attendance has seen vast improvements in just one cycle! An important aspect of cycled training is that it is consistent, and regular. With that in mind, our next cycle starts in July, even though we are not actually at the Dojo for classes. 

To help keep everyone on track, I will be posting weekly exercise programs to follow along with. They will be posted right here for easy access, as well as on a Facebook page for our members to check in and track their progress. Details of that will be posted soon.

Each workout will only take 15 mins, twice/ week. July's focus is on overall strength, and won't take up much room...and no equipment to achieve. Hopefully all our members will be able to keep up this small aspect of their training throughout the summer, as September will be month 3 of a 4 month cycle and may be fairly challenging if you take the whole summer off. 

Watch this space for the first workout of the Summer, and for details of how to track your progress. 

Friday, January 17, 2014

Karate Alberta Competition

Karate Alberta Association will be conducting a competition for all members on 01 - 02 February, 2014 in Calgary. The tournament is open to all KAA members, and I encourage anyone who might be interested in competing to attend. If this is your first tournament it might be better to watch this one and consider participating in the next one. The next competition is scheduled for May.

Please get more details at Karate Alberta's website.

Kyu Examination

Kyu examinations will be conducted today (Jan 17th, 2014). Please note that there will be no regular training this evening. Anyone not participating in the exam is still welcome to come and watch your classmates do their tests, but there will be no class otherwise.

We will be back to regular classes on Monday. Good luck everyone!